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Imagination in Books

December 2013
reviewed: Intoxicated
What were the main themes of the book? The book was about love, getting promoted at work, moving to a new city and the main c...
Intoxicated (The Intoxicated Books, #1) - Alicia Renee Kline
December 2013
reviewed: Jack Canon's American Destiny
What did you like about the main character - He was charismatic, he had some good ideas, he never slept with all the women he...
Jack Canon's American Destiny - Greg Sandora
November 2013
reviewed: The Titan Drowns
What do you think will be your lasting impression of this book? The characters. I fell in love with every single one of them....
The Titan Drowns - Nhys Glover
October 2013
reviewed: The Big Book of Dumb White Husband
Was the book different from what you expected? Very different. I was expecting a book a somewhat serious book filled with mis...
The Big Book of Dumb White Husband - Benjamin Wallace
September 2013
reviewed: Tainted Waters
Do any characters grow or change during the course of the novel? Most of the key characters changed their opinions after lear...
Tainted Waters - Maggie Thom
August 2013
reviewed: Straight Dope A 360 degree look into American drug culture
What is the time period in which the book happens? 2009; I liked the fact that the interviews and data was fairly recent alth...
Straight Dope A 360 degree look into American drug culture - LeRon Barton
August 2013
reviewed: Spare Change
Was the time period important to the story? Yes, the time period was very important. Consider the main character: what does h...
Spare Change - Bette Lee Crosby
August 2013
reviewed: The Book of Paul
Was it a good book? A great dark read with humor.Top 3 things I liked about the setting in this book. The spookiness of it al...
The Book of Paul - Richard  Long
August 2013
reviewed: How You Leave Texas
Did this book give you any new ideas about yourself? No new ideas, but I connected with each female. I knew how they felt in...
How You Leave Texas - Alana Cash
July 2013
reviewed: The Kings of Charleston (Volume 1)
At the end of the book, do you feel hope for the characters? Yes, I feel hope for Casper and Cal.What do you think is the cli...
The Kings of Charleston - Kat H. Clayton
July 2013
reviewed: Covert Dreams
What were the main themes of the book? Deceit, betrayal, kidnapping, drugs, brain washing, telepathy, dreams. The author did...
Covert Dreams - Mike Meyer
reviewed: Dissolution of Peace
What did the title have to do with the book? The title was apt for the book as it focused on an impending war.Favourite quote...
Dissolution of Peace - Richard Flores IV
July 2013
reviewed: Destination Dealey: Countdown to the Kennedy Conspiracy
Top 3 things I liked about the main character. There were many different characters and it was difficult to pick one. If I ha...
Destination Dealey: Countdown to the Kennedy Conspiracy - L.D.C. Fitzgerald
July 2013
reviewed: Redwood Violet
Cover. The cover is nice but feel it could be improved upon.How does the setting figure into the book? Everything came to lif...
Redwood Violet - Robin Mahle
July 2013
reviewed: Some Are Sicker Than Others
What did you think of the story structure with the past revealed in short chunks? Did you find it effective?The story struct...
Some Are Sicker Than Others - Andrew Seaward